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Written by Tushar Gajjar   
Thursday, 19 April 2012 10:46

India successfully test fires ICBM Agni V, chinese not happy 

Agni VIndia today successfully test fired ICBM Agni-V from the Wheeler Island in Orissa. It is the latest in the series of the Agni missile developed by the DRDO under integrated missile development program in India. Agni 5 is a solid fuelled intercontinental ballistic missile with medium range that can cover all parts of China and major parts of Asia. 

Though it is testfired for the 5000 km range, it will greatly expand India's reach to strike targets well beyond 5,500 km away. Agni V is capable of carrying nuclear warhead as well as conventional type of bombs.

Dr M Natrajan, a senior defence scientist of India, disclosed in 2007 that Defense Research and Development Organization, a goverment agency behind India's missile program, was working on an upgraded version of the Agni III missle, known as the Agni-V. This same missile was earlier known as Agni-III* and Agni-IV, and that it would be ready in 4 years.

Today the defence Minister of India A K Antony, after successful test fire of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Agni-5, described it as an "immaculate success" and a "major milestone" for India.

State run chinese newspapers didn't like the idea of India's missile sucess and tried to mock the test. Newspaper raised doubts over the missile's capability and actual range with warhead. Daily also highlighted that the Agni V missile can only hit targets within a 5000 km radius, while traditionally intercontinental missiles have a range of 8000 km plus.

Even though NATO reported in an official statement that India poses no missile threat, the Global Times said that India was 'hoping' to enter the elite global club of countries; including US, Russia, China, France and Britain; by boasting intercontinental missiles.

Chinese newspaper also reported that India may have missiles that can reach most parts of China, India stands "no chance in an overall arms race" with the country. Article was published with the title 'India being swept up by missile delusion'.

Agni-5 is a three-stage, all solid fuel powered missile with multiple independent targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV). Advanced technology developed by the DRDO made it sure that the missile can target several areas simultaneously with one-tonne nuclear warhead.

The missile has a length of 17.5metre and weighs 50 tonnes and can carry 11 quintals of warheads for multiple targets.


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